District Level Information of Shupiyan (Jammu & Kashmir)
About Shupiyan District (Jammu & Kashmir)

Historically, Shopiyan was once known as 'Sheen-e-van' meant 'forest of snow'. It lies at Pirpanchal range. It is an ancient town and is famous as the ‘Apple Bowl of the State’. It became more important during the Mughal period. From 1872-1892 A.D. Shopiyan was made as one out of six Wazarat headquarters in Kashmir. The district is located in the laps of mother nature, enclosed by Pir Panjal range and most of its area is hilly. As per some earlier records the former name of the district was Shiv Pavan. Recently, the historians have found the etymology of this place is closely connected with the Persian term “shahpayan” where 'shah' means 'Emperor' and 'payan' means 'stop-over' as it was the place where numerous Mughal emperors took rest while coming from a hectic journey through the Pir Panjal Range.

Amin Kamil was a famous Kashmiri poet, story writer and specially known for modern ghazal. He was a good critic too. He also translated Tagore’s Dak Ghar and Urdu poet lqbal’s poetry. He wrote some famous Nazm also. He was honored with the Padam Shri award by the Government of India. He was awarded with the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1967. Mohammad Yousuf Taing (M. Y. Taing) is a researcher, scholar, critic, writer, politician and historian. He writes in three Indian languages. Presently, he is the Member of Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council. He received the Padma Shri award in 2008. He was also awarded with the Sahitya Akademi Award and the Best Book Prize in 1994. He was honored with the Silver Plaque and Robe of Honor in 1986 and 1998 respectively.

Geographically, the district has a total 505 sq km. area and occupies the rank 19th in State and 614th in India on the bases of this size. It lies at 33°72'N latitude, 74°84'E longitude and 2057 m altitude. In the year of 2021, there was a total 64.00% forest area of total geographical area. It is bounded by Pulwama District and Budgam District in the North, Poonch District in the West and Kulgam District in the South, East and South-West. River Jhelum passes through the district. The climate of the district remains pleasant almost throughout the year. Most of its rainfall occurs in the monsoon season. The actual rainfall in the district was 373.5 mm in the year of 2021-22.

Administration wise, the district is divided into 1 sub-district, 1 town and 226 villages. Urdu is its official language. The district came into existence in the year 2007 with its administrative headquarters located at Shopian town which is situated at a distance of 49 km. from the capital of the state.

Demographically, according to the 2015 census, the district has a total number of 41,947 households with the total population of 2,66,215 out of which 1,36,480 are males and 1,29,735 are females which is leading it to the rank 19th in the state and 567th in India. The population density of the district is 853 (persons as per sq km.). The district has a sex ratio of 951 (females as per 1000 males) and child ratio of 878 (females as per 1000 males). According to the 2011 census, the principal languages in the district are Kashmiri with 87.99% and Hindi with 11.16%. As per 2011 census the major religion in the district is Muslim with 98.52% of the total population. The population growth rate in the district during the period 2001-2011 was 25.97% out of which 25.96% were males and 25.99% were females. In the year 2020 the number of live births in the district was 544 out of which 274 were males and 270 were females. In the same year the number of deaths in the district was 672 out of which 464 were males and 208 were females.

Economically, the district is mainly dependent on the agriculture. There are many small scale industries such as industries of wooden work, embroidery and weaving, etc. Fruit industry is much flourished here. It is the one of the districts which produces the apple in the largest scale. Tourism also provides a good source for income here.

The district has a total literates of 1,36,500 including 80,355 are males and 56,145 are females. According to 2011 census the literacy rate in the district is 60.76% including 70.27% are males and 50.9% are females. The name of the some of the main colleges is Degree College for Boys and Girls, University of Siraj Ul Uloom Imamsaheb, Losetech Computer Education, Govt. Polytechnic College Alyalpora, RPC Computers Srinagar Road and Information Technology Solutions (I.T.S), Gousia Hanfia institute, etc. There are a number of schools for instance Brilliant Public High School, Mullo Dangerpora, Public Model School, Eternal Success School, Geographicus Public School, National Innovations Public School, Mohammadiya Institution near Eid Gah, Shah-i-Hamdan School, Green Land Higher Secondary Educational Institute and Maktabia Islamia School.

The district has many famous historical tourist places to visit. These places are Mughal Road, Herpora, Ahrabal Waterfall, Kousarnag, Sedow, Lahanthour, Kongiwatan. Ahrabal Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall. Mughal Road is a highway. It is named Mughal Emperors. There is a sarai at Shadimarg of Mughal period. Herpora is a beautiful scenic view and attraction for tourists, situated on Mughal road. The Konsarnag Lake lies at the Pir Panjal range. It has shape of a foot which is said the foot of Lord Vishnu. It is popularly called as Vishnu Pad.

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